The Mission Committee would like to thank everyone for their support, which helps us to spread the love of our church family to Pembroke and beyond.

This month, in addition to paying our monthly UCC dues, we were able to make donations to the Pembroke Food Pantry, the Friends of Pembroke Community Fund (which helps needy families with fuel assistance), to the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless, and to the UCC for direct aid for Hurricane Matthew relief.

In the coming weeks you will see our “Mitten Tree” set up in the foyer.  Please help us to decorate it with warm winter items such as mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, and socks.

Also coming soon we will be conducting a special sale after church to support the Church World Service Best Gift program.  You will have the opportunity to buy one of CWS top ten gifts outright, or to make a donation towards them.  Some of these gifts are chicks, goats, blankets, school bags, educational toys, and nutrition packs.

Lastly, with the support of our friends in the Thrift Shop, we were able to bring boxes of baby and children’s supplies to the Carolina Hill House. They were very grateful.  We hope to do this throughout the year during months with a “Fifth Sunday.”

Thanks again for your support.