There are multiple projects keeping the Trustees busy this year.

The Sanctuary Project: The window replacement in the sanctuary has been completed and it is time to move on to the painting of exterior trim and siding. The Trustees are currently receiving bids for this portion of the project which will begin after school gets out for the summer and be completed by the beginning of the school year. Money for the project has been awarded to First Church through the Community Preservation Act in support of historical renovations.

Renovations on the Parsonage have begun with the installation of a new furnace this fall. Through the Mass Save program we were able to replace the 50 plus year old heating system with an energy efficient gas system and save First Church $3500 in rebates.

Age and wear and tear required the main bathroom to be completely renovated. We have awarded this project to Mark Brown. He has begun the renovation and hopes to have it completed by fall.

By fall, the Trustees will have in place a plan for members of the congregation to adopt a room at the parsonage. Individuals, families or groups will be able to contribute to the renovations of the rest of the rooms.