Another school year is coming to an end. It is a happy time filled with excitement and joy for the children as they participate in special year end activities. However it is a rather happy/sad time for the teachers. Saying good-bye to those families moving on is always hard and sure to cause a few tears for the teachers. Anticipating the start of a new school year, welcoming some families return and welcoming new families brings the smiles.

CNK is an outreach of First Church and we are mutually beneficial to each other. As we began the school year we welcomed a new minister. Since Pastor Matt’s arrival the interaction between CNK, the Church and its members has and is becoming stronger. The children are very fond of Pastor Matt, with his welcoming smile, enthusiasm and listening ear the children look forward to greeting him. He has made a great Elf and enjoyed a surprise snowball fight. Oh yes, let’s not forget the M&M’s and Oreo cookies.

This year has brought many activities that involved using the Fellowship hall. I would like to Thank You for being understanding and patient while our events carried on. It was wonderful to share our activities with the Church members. I feel as though CNK and the Church has grown and became a little closer. I would like to give a special Thank You to Paul and Freida Burke for all the help they have given to CNK. Our classrooms are safer and easier to manipulate. I would also like to extend our Thanks to all of you who participated in our fundraisers, supporting our enrichment programs. You support creates more learning opportunities for the children.

September, 2017 will be the beginning of CNK’s fifty-fifth year. We are looking forward to a successful year and many more to come.

Jean Holland

Director and

The Staff of CNK