The Pastoral Relations Committee is a committee that supports and maintains an open and healthy relationship between the pastor and members of the congregation.  The purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of the professional growth and wellbeing of the pastor, and the promotion of the church’s mission.

What It Is:

  • advises and supports the pastor’s leadership
  • shares ideas, dreams, hopes, expectations, and concerns of the congregation with the pastor
  • interprets roles, functions, and needs of the pastor to the congregation

The Deacons are looking for volunteers who would be interested in constructive and caring communication in an atmosphere that promotes confidentiality and trust.  This committee of volunteers will build a framework in which conflict can be dealt with.   The committee will meet on a regular basis (at least quarterly).  Of the volunteers, two individuals will be selected by the pastor and two members will be selected by the Deacons.  This is for a 2 year term.

If interested, contact Paul Bosworth at or 781-626-2084