The season of Stewardship here at First Church is not over but will continue throughout the year as the Stewardship Team (Heather and Jim Lapham, Bonnie Van Buskirk, Ralph Richmond, and Jane Hodge) plan activities to remind us that we are all vital caretakers (stewards) of our church.  Our theme is “Growing in Faith Together.”   Please have a look at the Stewardship Tree in the narthex to see the many causes and activities which are supported by members of our congregation.  Coming soon, if not already there when you read this, are index cards in the pews with various ideas for helping others and increasing your faith. Our hope is that you will choose one to put in the offering plate as a plan and promise for the upcoming week. These cards are randomly placed in the pews so you may want to change your seat sometimes to see others!

We all have opportunities here to worship together, work and serve together, and enjoy fellowship together. We hope and pray that you will Grow in Faith with us.  The Stewardship Team thanks everyone for everything you do to support and bless our church!