The Church Council has decided to tackle updating the church by-laws over the next several months. The council has formed a sub-committee of Nancy Karstunen, Adrienne Robatsek and Paul Bosworth to start the process.  They will work on drafting proposed changes for the Council to review and provide feedback on.  Once the Council has approved a final version of the proposed changes, the entire congregation will have the opportunity over a few months to provide feedback and input through a series of open forums with the Council.


The timeline is for the Council to receive the proposed changes by the end of August.  The Council will then take a month or two to discuss and revise the proposal after which time the Congregation will be given ample time to provide their feedback before the by-law updates are brought to an all church meeting for a vote.


If you have specific areas of the by-laws that you think need to be updated, please feel free to reach out to Nancy, Adrienne or Paul over the next month.