Christian Education is, once again, excited to present the Christmas Pageant!  This year, we will celebrate this beautiful rendition of Christ’s birth at 5:00 on December 23rd!  We will begin with a delicious pasta dinner, served by Christian Education, and then proceed into the presentation of the pageant at approximately 6:00.  The evening will conclude back in Fellowship Hall with a birthday cake for Jesus.

This year, we are presenting the classic Christmas Story, but with a current-times introduction.  All children are welcome to participate, including those who are returning from fall sport’s commitments.  There is a role for everyone!  Please bring a friend, if you wish, as we have plenty of costumes to allow roaming sheep to be a part of this celebration, as well!  Please come to 10:00 church service in the weeks leading up to the presentation, and the pageant will be rehearsed during Sunday School.

See you at 5:00 on the 23rd!  We hope this will be an inspiring presentation, which will provide an important visualization of this most Holy season!