Greetings from the Diaconate!Hello from the Deacons Team!

The Deacons Team reminds you that the 2019 Flower Chart is posted on the door of the closet. You can remember a special person or occasion by beautifying the sanctuary.  The minimum cost is $25 for flowers.
If you have not yet paid your UCC dues you can find envelopes for doing so in the pews. The cost to our church is $20 for each of our members and we thank you for contributing your share.  Our Acolytes continue to open and close our service by the lighting and extinguishing of the altar candles.  We are happy that our children participate in such an important way to our worship.  Our replacement altar candles have been ordered and should arrive soon.  Meanwhile the light of Christ still shines with our alternate candles.

Easter is approaching and we, along with Pastor Matt, are planning our Lenten and Easter services and the decoration of the sanctuary. We pray that this Holy season will be meaningful and special to all.