On November 18 our fall Stewardship campaign will come to an end as we accept and bless our pledges for the coming year.  Stewardship means giving back to the church, caring for it and making an intentional decision to support it with our time, talent, and treasure.  Our theme is “What Shall You Bring?”  As you reflect on this question remember that the decision to support the church is a response to the gifts we ourselves have been given by God, the Original Giver. We know that there are many causes to which you are asked to contribute and it may be difficult to decide between them.  We appreciate your decision to support First Church and its mission.  Your contribution to stewardship is an act of discipleship as a caretaker of the church and recognition of the opportunity we are given to share in God’s mission. The Stewardship Team is confident that all of the support given by members and friends will allow our church to serve God, grow, and help all of us to grow stronger in our faith.   Once again, thank you!