Working for Christ

The Finance and Buildings and Grounds members of the Trustee Team wish to extend a HUGE Thank you to those who so generously have funded Parsonage repairs.  Donations of  money, materials and supplies have enabled work to again commence to update this key asset which carries a critical part of a called Pastor’s compensation.   The Buildings and Grounds Team of Trustees will be providing the opportunity for everyone to work together to care for our church properties. The plan is to gather between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm the first Saturday of the month through June. The experience is open to all families, groups and individuals new to First Church or been around awhile who have an hour or two to share their talents.

Saturday, March 2nd the Working for Christ Team again worked  at the Parsonage (1 Greenwood Ave) priming the upstairs bedroom walls for painting, and putting a final coat on doors and trim.

Interested but can’t make it the first Saturday of the month? Please call or drop me an email and we will work out a time or day that might work better for you.

Questions email or ask a Trustee at Church!

Working for Christ is an ongoing church service opportunity that will take place at one of the properties on the first Saturday on the month.  Workers will plan to meet at 9:00 at the Pancake Breakfast or on-site earlier, is so arranged.  Trustees will have the needed tools and supplies, and provide the direction needed to complete the most pressing projects.  Why not mark your calendars for this very important way to share your time and talents, as well as working to improve our church home for all involved!

Stewardship, membership, and commitment to First Church may be expressed in many ways.  One way to think of this is traditional tithing, a 10% financial contribution to the Church as a Pledged Offering.  Other ways include the donation of one’s time and talent.  We now have forms to assure your donations are credited as Church contributions. Perhaps your current financial situation or cashflow has made you hesitant to make a stewardship pledge commitment?  Maybe you are looking for a way to work toward a common service goal with your church family. Perhaps you are longing to find a service commitment right here in Pembroke? If this is the case, then sharing of your time and talent is a perfect way to contribute to church, while also building community as you work alongside your fellow parishioners.