It is a busy season, this period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are in the midst of stewardship pledges, giving thanks for what we have, and planning that perfect gift to show our love and commitment to others.  The financial aspect of this time can feel overwhelming and stressful, and we often reflect back and wonder what we have in our emotional bank to show for the holidays.  Can we take the spirit of giving a step farther and think of it as an opportunity to move away from possessions and “things,” and to focus on skills and talents which can be “gifted” to First Church?

Stewardship, membership, and commitment to First Church may be expressed in many ways.  One way to think of this could include reflection on tithing, but in the form of time and talent.  Perhaps your current financial situation or cashflow has made you hesitant to make a stewardship pledge commitment?  Perhaps you are looking for a way to work toward a common service goal with your church family but can’t leave the area for a weekend or longer?  Perhaps you are longing to find a service commitment right here in Pembroke? If this is the case, then sharing of your time and talent is a perfect way to contribute to church, while also building community as you work alongside your fellow parishioners.

Working for Christ is a perfect way to share your time and talent throughout the year to assist Trustees in maintaining the First Church properties.  Maintenance of the buildings under the umbrella of First Church is huge, and the Trustees are often forced to shift priorities as they contemplate what to do next, or how to afford the needed fix or upgrade.  Did you know that in addition to the church, Trustees maintains the parsonage and Sewing Circle buildings?  These are all older structures, and repairs and emergencies can often come up unexpectedly.

Working for Christ will be an ongoing church service opportunity that will take place at one of the properties on the first Saturday on the month.  Workers will plan to meet at 9:00 at the Pancake Breakfast.  Trustees will have the needed tools and supplies, and provide the direction needed to complete the most pressing projects.  Why not mark your calendars for this very important way to share your time and talents, as well as working to improve our church home for all involved!