“Coveting and Greed”

by Rev. Fred Meade

Sermon Summary

Today’s sermon continues with the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins and is about the sin of greed.  The title is “Coveting and Greed.”

There are three kinds of people: the haves, the have nots, and the have not paid for what they have.  The average household in the United States is carrying $16,000 of credit card debt.  There are 27 debtors anonymous groups within twenty miles of Pembroke.

Exodus 20:17 is a commandment not to covet. To covet is to have a strong desire. Desire is only bad when we covet something not our own.

The sin of greed parallels that of covetousness, for one who is not content with what he has will never be content with what he will have.

Cultivate in yourself instead a mindset of gratitude.

— J. M. Hodge

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