“Envy & Pride”

by Rev. Meade

Sermon Summary:

Today’s sermon focuses on the sins of Envy and Pride

False pride stymies our spiritual growth as it leads us to focus on ourselves and gets in the way of our relationship with God.  False pride can make us “stiff-kneed” and unable to humble ourselves to pray. It makes us unaware of our need for God’s love.

Lent is a time to concentrate on our own shortcomings. We need to remember that we serve others in response to God’s love.

The root of envy is found in the comparison of ourselves to others. While admiration is ok, envy is different.  Envy gives us the impression that we are inferior; lacking something.  Remember that God calls us to use the gifts we have been given. We should accept and use these gifts while recentering ourselves in our faith life.

While the sin of envy is dangerous, it is not always bad because it can lead us to want to improve. Realize that while the grass may look greener on the other side, the grass under our own feet is pretty green, too.

–J. M. Hodge

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  • Betty Anne White-Rose

    says on:
    2020-03-29 at 6:22 PM

    We are blessed to have you Pastor Fred and your wise words. I look forward to your weekly sermons along with MaryBeth’s moving music and all the people including Jay coordinating our service.
    Keep healthy and safe.

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