Greetings from First Church,

In the following pages you will find evidence of some of the recent happenings at First Church.  Some people among our congregation do not have, or have difficulty using internet access.  This packet of information is for you.  Kristen and several of us will do our best to update you regularly by mail so you can keep abreast of current church happenings during this COVID time.

An email I recently received from a member stated:

“Hi Jay, just thought I would convey a few thoughts about our church. Several people have spoken to me and to others and I think we might want to address their concerns. Many people are wondering what is going to happen to our church. Most of them probably know that Pastor Fred is leaving but they are wondering what is next. Several are wondering if we are going to lock the doors and close up the church. I know there are a lot of unknowns and that the Council and Deacons are busy trying to sort things out and make a plan. I am not a Deacon so I am writing this individually, just me, just a concerned church member.” 

I responded as follows:

We will Survive! 

The issue is communications.  I’m guessing that the several people who have spoken to you do not have Internet access.  There is information out there if you know where to look assuming you have a smartphone or computer. A good place to start is our weekly coffee chat on the Zoom platform, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  Most (all?) Zoom meetings can be accessed by any member, just as if we were having a physical meeting in Fellowship Hall.  Information for meetings is located under the ‘Calendar’ tab on the Church website.  People without smartphones can call-in to join a meeting, but need the access number.  This is where those with internet access can help those without. The website calendar provides the phone-in contact information for each Zoom meeting. In the first week of May, we had a mailing to those 22 members in our congregation for whom we have no email address and who have been identified as not having computer access.   Kristen has been unavailable to produce the monthly Newsletter so a group of members worked to get this and last month’s newsletter ‘out the door’. (You may have caught a bit of the newsletter creation as part of  the video walk through of the church building featured at the end of  the Announcements portion of the Sunday May 3rd production.)  The mailing is full of information and updates. This month’s information pack is going to the full congregation.”

If you have a question, please call Kristen’s phone or mail to First Church In Pembroke.

Jay Hodge, Diaconate Chair


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