It’s Heifer Time at First Church!

Christian Education will kick off its annual Lenten missions work for Heifer International ( on Sunday, March 5th. This is a time at First Church during which the children of the church lead this missions event and work to collect donations for the Heifer, a very worthy cause. It is Heifer’s goal, worldwide, to eliminate hunger by empowering individuals and communities to learn skills and be given the tools to become independent with acquiring food and clean water. First Church has been passionate about supporting this mission in past years, donating between $400.00 – $500.00, annually. We are hoping that this year this amount will grow even more!

The beauty of the Heifer mission is that it is a simple, tangible, and easily-understood mission which children are able to grasp. The visuals provided by the organization are inspiring and the concepts are clear. Let’s help the children make this year’s children’s mission the most successful ever.