H.O.M.E. (Homeworkers Organized for More Employment) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1970 dedicated to keeping and enhancing the quality of life for low-income and homeless families. Through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility, we aim to bring forth new possibilities for food, jobs, shelter, low-income housing, education, and self-sufficiency.  In addition to building skills used in the job setting, H.O.M.E. also enjoys the responsibility of educating people on issues vital to sustaining an equitable society.

First Church organizes a trip of volunteers of all ages (kids and adults) to go to H.O.M.E to help out with different projects.

To learn more about the July 2017 trip – go here

Here is a list of the projects that First Church volunteers have helped with.

  • Renovated the kitchen
  • A new roof was installed on a house owned by H.O.M.E.
  • An existing fence was repaired and reinforced on the farm owned by H.O.M.E.
  • A new fence, using material from H.O.M.E.’s saw mill, was installed to keep the goats contained at the farm
  • Weeds were pulled from the various gardens at the farm and the edible weeds were fed to the goats, sheep and horses
  • A barn loft was cleaned out and items remaining neatly stored
  • Dead trees and branches were pulled from the woods surrounding the farm house to be used for fires at the beach or homes on the farm property
  • Garbage was cleaned up at the saw mill, where items had been dumped, to make room for wood to be stored prior to splitting to be used in the furnaces to heat H.O.M.E.
  • Scrap material from the production of cedar shingles was sorted and used to assemble kindling bundles to be sold
  • Donated corn for the soup kitchen was shucked and the husks were taken up to the farm to feed the animals.

Find out more about H.O.M.E. by clicking this link – http://www.homemmausa.org/HOME.html