During the summer you may have noticed all of the boarded up windows at First Church.  Some in the community wondered if we had a fire or if we were closed.  That was not the case.  So what was going on? 

 The trustees contracted with Mark Antoniotti and Mark Brown to repair the windows.  These repairs were quite extensive as Mark Antoniotti and his team tried to keep the historical look of the windows.

 Here is what was done:

  • Removed all double-hung  (16 units)
  • Restored the sashes off site
  • Removed all the glass from existing sash and then sash was prepped for new paint consisting of a primer and two finish coats
  • All lower sash were prepped for blind balance tubes.  The weights from the weight channels were removed and filled with insulation ultimately making for a tighter envelope
  • Sashes were prepped for bulb weatherstrip on the lower sash and bulb weatherstrip at the check rail minimizing air infiltration
  • Jambs had spring bronze weatherstrip applied
  • The existing glass that was not historically correct was replaced with new historically correct glass
  • All of the upper sashes fixed
  • New sash locks have been attached to the lower sash so windows can be opened and locked without using a ladder
  • The exterior casing and band casing was replaced with PVC casing.  All exterior fasteners were replaced with stainless steel
  • Two coats of latex finish were applied to the exterior trim
  • The single window behind choir seating was one single single-hung unit.  A vertical piece of trim had been installed to make it look like two separate units.  They removed the upper and lower sash, built a new center post and installed four new sashes to look exactly like the remaining windows in the sanctuary. 


The window behind the organ is two separate units that someone had applied additional grills to match the window behind the choir.  The temporary grills were removed to match the new window behind the choir and all the other windows in the sanctuary.

 Mark said they faced several challenges during the project with the biggest one being several of the sashes were more rotted than he expected.  This required additional effort and care to restore them to the original look. 

The window restoration also focused on energy efficiency by adding weather stripping.  The windows are also more operational than before as they can now be opened.