A Note from your Pastor on Fellowship

Some Important Thoughts by Rev. Fred Meade Dear Friends and Members of First Church, I’ve been thinking a lot over the last five months about this church. I’ve grown to love the people and even enjoyed the drive back and forth. It has been a blessing that we really have not had a difficult winter. But within the

Missions – 02/01/2020

As we begin the year 2020 and move forward with God’s guidance, Missions for the month of February plans to set up the program “One Great Hour of Sharing”.  This program gives us the opportunity to help people in crisis. Our donations will help provide clean water, medicine, shelter, health care and educations to those

Diaconate – 02/01/2020

The Deacons extend thanks to our “retiring” members, Stephanie Skolnick, Jim Lapham, and Ernie Evans, for their years of service and their many contributions to the committee. They will be missed! Please be aware that no food or drink, other than water, is allowed in the sanctuary. Have you noticed that the Acolytes have a