November (already?)

Yes, that is the word I hear a lot –  Already???  It seems that while we were busy making other plans, life happened and suddenly we are running amok , trying to catch back up with Thanksgiving plans and forge ahead in to Christmas.  Life slips by.

I wonder why that is.  Is it that we are too busy running?  Are we too caught up in all our errands to not notice the changing seasons?   Were we distracted by the diagnosis and the upcoming tests?  Or the calendar of overlapping activities we need to get the kids to?  Perhaps it was the simple fact that it doesn’t “feel” like November.  Whatever it may have been, most of us live our lives not paying close attention to each day and all it brings.  In our hurry to get from A to B, we miss the glory of the journey. 

No, I am not talking about a Bucket List” of things to accomplish.  I am talking about making each day special in its own right.  Whether it be in running around, or sitting still,  live each moment in the embrace and the Spirit of God.  Notice everything.  The sights, the sounds and the smells.   Take it all in.  Cherish the small moments.   Moments with friends.  Moments of quiet. 

A full life is not comprised of a list .  A full life is a heart in touch with creation and our Creator.  Slow down enough to notice and feel the Love of God which is everywhere and in everything.  And Be  Thankful.

Pastor David

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