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Greetings to all!  It has been a while since we last shared, but be assured good things are happening and God is continuing to bless the ministry at First Church. 

            Before going further, let me place before you some of the prayer requests we have had recently…. We continue to pray for Elizabeth Roberts and the Roberts family.  Elizabeth has had some tough challenges, but her spirits are strong, she is getting the very best of care both medically and from her family, and growing getting better with each day.  We were asked to offer prayers for Elaine Spalding; prayers for Kim Baldner and the Baldner family; Rick and Jacqui; there is Dick and Peggy Reardon and their family; and two “special intentions.”  As you will hear this Sunday, sometimes the best words to share are “Thank you” and so, on behalf of those who are named above and their family and friends, “Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!” 

            A reminder that this Sunday we will share our virtual Holy Communion, and the virtual communion cups are in the mailbox on the landing at the entrance of Fellowship Hall.  Feel free to stop by and pick up yours as convenient. 

            Also, be advised that on behalf of the people of First Church, a donation of $100 was made to the “Go Fund Me” account of the Baldner family.  Kim is a long-time member of the church, and owner/operator of Candy Jar Florist, who over the years has contributed to Sunday worship and other services/events, but especially the floral arrangements that graced the altar! 

            And just a reminder, Ash Wednesday is February 17th and begins the season of Lent!  We are in the process of planning the Sunday services and any special services over the course of the 40-day Lenten journey, and will send out the information when it is finalized. 

            Lots more to be shared but will have to wait for the next issue of “From the Desk of…” Until then, please stay safe and well… and see you Sunday morning at 10a.m.!! 

Peace be with you and with us all… 

Pastor Matt 


Missions started off the New Year with two meetings which were held in January.

As a committee we wanted to prepare our Annual report and upgrade our Worksheet this being accomplished we are prepared to move forward in Faith and Hope that all will be well. We know this will be done as we lean on our Savior for His guidance and direction.

A thank you that is truly given to the congregation of First Church for supporting our Missions programs in 2020 because we could not do this without you. It is part of the peoples pledging and donations to the Missions program that we can go out and help others. During this time it is difficult even for those in our congregation to give so we are blessed that they support our Missions. Those that received our donations have sent us well over a dozen thank yours to us for our church’s support. They cannot believe that we are thinking about them! So Blessing to all of you.

Normally we start to put together our Hygiene Kits and we will do this again this year for the month of February and March. The UCC asked us to put them in their warehouse to be used as needed but because we are now NACCC we will again be doing it a little differently. The kits will be going out to help people in need immediately not stored.

Our goal is to put together the kits and use them for the shelters and the homeless in our community and surrounding areas. We will concentrate on Homeless Men’s shelters and shelters in general. Last year we gave the kits to the Firehouse Pantry which in turned used them for the Soup Kitchen. These Kits went to Needle Park and the Homeless in Boston.

A notice will be sent out as to where you can get the Kits (zip bags) and also what is going to be put in them. It is difficult as we want everything to be right so COVID is not spread.

Thank you again from our Missions Committee: Freda Buke, Mary Ford, Judy Graham, Elaine Spalding


Community Nursery Kindergarten (CNK) is a non-profit preschool that runs under the auspices of the First Church in Pembroke. CNK provides a positive, enriching and developmentally appropriate preschool educational experience for the young child ages 2.9 – 6.0 years. Our goal is to provide the most encouraging, nurturing environment possible by offering classes designed to appeal to the interests of each child at their own individual stage of development. We have been caring, sharing, and learning for over 50 years.

Registration for next year is coming up soon! We have several different class options- including full day options. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in signing a child up for preschool, please give our director, Jean Holland a call at 781-294-1654. Please check out our website ​​ and visit us on Facebook @CNK Pre-school for all the detail and dates! 

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