by Rev. Meade
Dealing with Fear by Rev Fred Meade

Sermon Summary:

Today’s sermon (which was live streamed for the first time) was appropriate for the time in which we live.  It was on the subject of stress and anxiety.

Mark 4:35-40 tells the story of Jesus traveling with his disciples across a lake.  As he sleeps a great storm arises and the wind howls and the waves roar.  The disciples are in a state of great fear and wake Jesus, who tells the wind and waves to be still.  He asks His disciples why they are afraid.  Is it because they have no faith?  Jesus was not only speaking to his disciples; He was also speaking to us.

Our faith relationship with God is in the business of stilling the storms in our lives.  Although stress and fear are natural responses to what is going on in our lives we do have control over how we respond.  Stress affects our bodies, minds, emotions, behaviors, and relationships with God and with others.

Reflect on how you are doing and how you are feeling stress in your body and your mind.  Take time to pray, meditate, or worship.  Plan ahead for ways in which you can handle stress.  Perhaps you can exercise, go outside, listen to music.

Remember to be grounded in your faith for God is with us.  Don’t overreact when anxiety or stress enters our lives and don’t let it interfere with our ability to be compassionate and understanding with others.

– J.M.Hodge

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