As we begin the year 2020 and move forward with God’s guidance, Missions for the month of February plans to set up the program “One Great Hour of Sharing”.  This program gives us the opportunity to help people in crisis. Our donations will help provide clean water, medicine, shelter, health care and educations to those in need. Our church, The United Church of Christ has joined in with others: American Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Church of the Brethren and Church World Services to help and care for others who are in desperate need of assistance. Starting on Sunday February 9th will be setting up in Fellowship Hall a table where everyone can donate to “One Great Hour of Sharing”

It is also time for us to think about collecting items needed for our Hygiene Kits which also goes to help those that have been caught up in earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fires.  The warehouses which house these kits as well as school supplies, blankets and cleanup buckets are at a very low level. First Church is again collecting items for the Hygiene Kits. Like last year we ask everyone for their help to fill a zip bag with the items that are needed.  Missions thanks you again for all your support and your loving care and concern for others.

A special note –  material has been donated to make and cut blankets which can be given out to people who need comfort and warmth during floods and fires. A cutting get together is tentatively scheduled after church for an hour February 9th to help put these blankets together.  An announcement will be made and a reminder put in our church bulletin.  Anyone who is interested in helping to put the blankets together, please see a Missions Committee member.

Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding. Proverbs 3:13 ESV