The Trustees met on 2/18/20

January financial report was presented in draft form with more updates to be made as figures are received from the bank records.

·       Changes to the copier machine are finalized and will result in a new copier and lower cost to the church.

·       Replaced the sink in a classroom due to leaks.   Multiple repairs on the Fellowship Hall boiler have hopefully been fixed.

·        New vendors are being contacted to see about painting the sanctuary ceiling including one who did work previously for the church.

·       Markings indicating that the church doors are being monitored after hours have been placed on the doors.

·       Continuing waiting for the attorney to finalize the deed restriction required for the CPC funding.

·       Keys to the church and parsonage have been accounted for. The protocol will be finalized at the next meeting.

·       The fire alarm system is being upgraded and will result in lower cost to the church

·       Parsonage work is being resolved slowly with a few issues remaining except tor outside work in the spring.

·       Fundraising reported on the St. Patrick dinner 3/14/20, the Lenten Chowder Luncheon 4/10/20 and Old Home Days Fair 5/28-30/20.

·       The next meeting will be 4/17/20.

·       Full minutes are available in the church office.