I will look with favor on the faithful in the land…..”

Our March 8th and 15th meetings were cancelled. Unfortunately, our church, the functions and meetings held there have been cancelled because of this terrible virus that is going around.  We do hope that Missions can continue helping the people of our community and the surrounding areas. With the monies we receive from our faithful congregation we are able to send support to the food pantries (Pembroke Pantry, Firehouse Pantry), like we have done in the past with no disruption. At this time of year, we are collecting for the Hygiene/ Survival kits. We thank all who have donated, and our collection box is getting full. We would like to have these kits ready for our Pembroke residents just in case we get to that point in time where we would have need for them. Hopefully we would never get to that point, but if we do and the Hygiene Kits can help, Missions would like to be ready. Money that people donated for postage to have them sent to other places (Church World Services) will be given back their donations if kits are used in Pembroke.

We were disappointed that our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner was cancelled. We all look forward to this Irish Dinner of “Dinty Moore” corned beef and cabbage. Aye that it is! The Palmer children and Missions made 128 candy favors for the dinner, but we hope that we can use them for Easter or May Day Basket.

“One Great Hour of Sharing” will resume when we are able to all come together in church and Fellowship Hall. We will be able to set our table up for donation to help people in disasters, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

It’s that time of year to see if we have any High School Seniors who qualify and would like to apply for our Morris Scholarship. Reverend Robert G.  Morris served First Church from 1969 – 1982. The Morris Scholarship Fund was established in his memory. One of the things noted by our parishioners was that Rev. Morris liked to talk on the Sunday after our Old Home Days which was also Hymn Sunday about who composed hymns and why they were written. One of his favorites was “Oh Master Let Me Walk with Thee”’. This was a fun enjoyable Sunday.  We are looking forward to Mother’s  Day/Blanket Sunday, May 10th.

Praise God and a Thank you to Rev. Fred Meade and leaders of the church for putting together Sunday Church service so all can tune in and hear Christian music and God’s Word.

 I will look with favor on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; he who walks in the way that is blameless shall minister to me.  Psalm 101: 6 Rev

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