by Rev Fred Meade


Meditation Prayer

Call to Worship*

L:  The day of Pentecost has come, and we are together Will the works of God be known among us today?

C:  We live in the valley of dry bones. Around and within us is emptiness.

L:  God comes to us as a gentle breath or violent wind. catch your breath, God’s breath, and live.

C:  There are stirrings deep within that give us hope. There is a spirit linking us to one another.        

L:  The fires of love dispel life’s shadows. God’s Spirit comes to give us new life.

C:  Surely God is in this place! May the glory of God be known among us today!

Prayer of Invocation*

Amazing God, how manifold are your works! The earth is full of life you have created, in forms too numerous to count. You have linked us, your people, to the earth and to all living things. We are interdependent. We can survive only if we have reverence for life. Come among us now to make your ways known. Help us to dream dreams and see visions of your intentions for this world and for your church.


New Testament        Acts 2:1-21

Sermon                    “Pentecost   by Rev Fred Meade

Pastoral and the Lord’s Prayer 

Offertory Invitation


Prayer of Dedication*

          How manifold are your works, amazing God! When there are dry-bones times in our lives, we can look to you for a new breath and hope and renewal of life. Your Spirit comes, and we are lifted up and linked to one another. We bring our offerings as an expression of thanksgiving for all your gifts. May your glory be proclaimed in all we give and all we do when we are together and when we scatter to do your will in other places.         Amen.

A time of Silent Prayer

Pastoral Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer