Monday May 29, 2023

Town of Pembroke

Memorial Day Address

First Church In Pembroke

Minister Miriam Theodore



Happy Memorial Day to all Americans who are currently serving in any of the Armed Forces, and to those who have passed, to those who are here today. Also, a Happy Memorial Day to all residents and friends of this wonderful and beautiful town of Pembroke, to all the dignitaries, to the members and friends of First Church here in Pembroke, and to you boys and girls.

What a beautiful day to be out here to stand with you on this solemn holiday! For a holiday that was commemorated in the United States since 1919, what a wise decision it was to observe the sacrifices of those in the armed forces! They have given their love, they have represented freedom, they have demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice, and they have spilled their blood to make America free, and to make America a nation worth fighting for!

Every American should make it their duty today to honor this day, for what it means, and to give a bow in remembrance to those who have passed and to the men and women who have done their part or are still active in duty. Today is a day that we can remember our veterans, and take great pride in our flag, and to observe the depiction of the Red, White, and Blue that have become a great part of our history. This day, let us all remember that these colors don t run! These colors don’t stain! These colors speak in honor of those who have lost their lives! These colors, the red, white, and blue are embedded with thousands upon ten thousand of names that are invisible to the eye, but very visible to the heart and soul of America, and to the hearts and soul of the families and friends who no longer have their loved ones with them.

Today, we all join together in saying: "Thank you!" Because we know that America’s freedom must continue to ring! America’s freedom can never be silenced! And America’s freedom must continue through all generations! Let me reassure you veterans, that you have fought the good fight, because you acted as pillars of support when you carried the nation diligently and willingly. Yes, you have paid your dues, and for that we salute you! (Salute)!!Our children salute you! Indeed, our children were unborn in1865, they were also unborn in 1919, and they were still unborn in 1971. But, have no fear because we will teach them the history of Memorial Day. To those who are yet unborn, wonderful veterans, your legacy and rich history awaits them! And simultaneously they too will learn about this great land called America, and all the fundamentals of Memorial Day!

To our veterans who have already served and are still alive, let it be known today that we regard you as standing emblems to this great nation! So, when you leave this place today, I pray that you will feel honored and worthy of accepting a tap on the shoulder when someone says: "Well done"! I pray that you will feel blessed and highly favored in the eyes of your families and friends, in the eyes of your church and community and in the eyes of America.

I stand here before you today as a minister of Christ for the church. Those who know me know that I speak endlessly about the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and talk about our Savior’s love for all of humanity and the chances we take every day by not surrendering our lives once and for all to Jesus. Let me remind you that Jesus calls us all to repentance. In Revelation Chapter 22, verses 16-17 Jesus said: "I send my angels to testify unto you these things in the churches, I am the root and offspring of David, and I am the Bright and Morning Star, let all who hear say come, let all those who are thirsty for the word of God come, whosoever will may come and take the water of life freely." It is always a good time to come to know Jesus, and it is always wise when humans hearken to the voice of Jesus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, on behalf of First Church here in Pembroke, I thank you all for coming, and pray that we will meet again next year and the years to come to celebrate Memorial Day. Hopefully next time with a parade when our streets are fixed and ready. It has been my honor to welcome you here today, and without any further ado, let me also say: "Well done, veterans, well done thou good and faithful people. May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America! Thank you.

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