Some Important Thoughts

A Helpful Blog from our Conference Minister:

Dear Friends and Members of First Church,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a daily headline this winter. And the Center for Disease Control is increasing their concern level. We’ve seen the impact on everything from travel to the stock market. And we wonder about what we need to do for our churches and communities. Contagious illness carries with it a variety of concerns.  From Bird Flu to Ebola to Flu season to Coronavirus, we have been alerted to dangers around us over the past several years. And we have learned some lessons.

In the past your Disaster Resource and Response Team has offered some information regarding the spread of contagious illnesses.  You can find an article related to the flu with some helpful advise, along with some general disaster related resources on the U.C.C. Southern New England Conference website.

You can also find information and updates at the CDC website.

This is a pandemic preparation checklist.

In times like these as illness spreads it is easy to be overwhelmed with fear and misinformation. Our greatest resource is to engage with proper information and thoughtful preparation. 

We encourage our church leadership to get the information they need, plan for precautions around worship and community gatherings, be attentive to the most vulnerable within your congregation and community, and connect with your community response resources and plans.  Stay alert.

From your Disaster Resource and Response Team.


Rev. Fred

(508) 566-4590