Pastor’s Letter – May 2020

I  remember  growing  up  I  had  a  strong dislike  for  May.  May  was  the time  of the  year when we were forced in school to be a part of a May Pole Dance. From my perspective as a young child it was the dumbest thing we ever did in school. Ever… Historically some have written

Pastor’s Corner – April 2020

One thing I know about fear is that it interferes with our relationship to God. By the time you get this newsletter, Easter will be less than two weeks away.  Because of what’s going on in the world today, you will have some unique choices as to where to worship. You can choose between the kitchen,

Devotional – 03/29/20

Look Up and Listen Closely – Walking Toward the Sunrise A Devotional Word from Our Renewal Consultant Rev. Robert Naylor (The physical distancing realities have caused me to be unable to complete a key element in our shared renewal process, The Teaming and Dreaming event.  However I will soon be sending along to you the

A note from your Pastor on Coronavirus

Some Important Thoughts A Helpful Blog from our Conference Minister: Dear Friends and Members of First Church, The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a daily headline this winter. And the Center for Disease Control is increasing their concern level. We’ve seen the impact on everything from travel to the stock market. And we wonder about what

Pastor’s Corner – March 2020

Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday is the official start of the season of Lent, six and a half weeks in total, consisting of 40 weekdays as an act of repentance prior to Easter or Resurrection Sunday. The institution of the day, or the season, is not in your Bible. It was set up by the early

A Note from your Pastor on Fellowship

Some Important Thoughts by Rev. Fred Meade Dear Friends and Members of First Church, I’ve been thinking a lot over the last five months about this church. I’ve grown to love the people and even enjoyed the drive back and forth. It has been a blessing that we really have not had a difficult winter. But within the

Pastor Fred – 01/01/2020

In a course on marriage counseling,  the professor said that if someone gets divorced, and wonders whether or not they should get married again, statistically speaking a new marriage will more likely work out if they are divorced twice and are currently in a third marriage. I thought a lot about that over the years

Pastor – 12/01/2019

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve already been here for two months.  The times just seems to fly by.  My commute from the Cape has actually been a time of respite.  The drives have been a time of pure joy seeing the changing of the trees and bushes along the way.  But we all know