It’s hard to imagine that I’ve already been here for two months.  The times just seems to fly by.  My commute from the Cape has actually been a time of respite.  The drives have been a time of pure joy seeing the changing of the trees and bushes along the way.  But we all know that the dreaded winter is coming.  I might feel differently in February.  However, the warmth that my wife and I have felt coming here has been awesome, even in the midst of this transitional time in the life of the church.

 In case you don’t know this Sunday we start a new church year with the beginning of advent. Each week will have a traditional theme. So, over the next four weeks I will be preaching on hope, peace, joy, and love. The Sunday services will be filled with hymns that focus on the preparation of the up-and-coming birth of our Lord.  Advent is a time which can be best described as a time of great expectations as we prepare our hearts for the birth of our living God. 

My hope is as a pastor is of course we will always prepare, and that means spending time rending our hearts in the right direction.  It is just like practicing for an athletic event or musical presentation.  We simply just have to do our homework.  It might look like spending a little quiet time each day focusing on those things that were grateful for.  It could be making a commitment to attend church every Sunday, it also could be doing some potentially additional volunteer work to help out those who are in need. But the bottom line is Christmas is coming whether you’re prepared for it or not.

 My hope is that through worshiping together over the next four weeks we will experience a deeper sense of God in our presence.  After all who can’t use a little more hope, peace, joy and love in their life. If in fact those elements aren’t increasing in your life during the time of advent perhaps your praying to the wrong God.

 On a different note I understand there are some children or young adults that would like to go through confirmation process.  I would be glad to facilitate that.  If you have children who are at least in seventh grade please contact Francine or the church office and we will start confirmation class as soon as we can agree upon a time to meet.

 I honestly feel very humbled by my call here to serve in Pembroke.  By the way a “call” is a very real thing!   My hope is that all the leadership in this church feel the same call. What we do as a symbol of hope in this community is of paramount importance. 

Enjoy the blessings that Advent brings,

Rev. Fred