Music Notes – 04/19/20

From our Music Director: When Pastor Fred mentioned he would be preaching on the doubts of Thomas, I immediately thought of this anthem sung in 2018 by our Chancel Choir, and sung in today’s service by Karin Foley and Dan Moore.   On his website, Keith Getty writes of the inspiration behind the words

Music Notes – 04/12/20

From our Music Director: Easter – a time of joy and celebration. It’s different this year, but the good news of Christ resurrection is unchanged. During our Easter service, we sang a song unusual for the Easter season. I provided a brief history of the hymn and the reason I chose it for our service

Music Note – 03/29/20

From our Music Director: There is so much music available on the internet now through the generosity of musicians looking to enrich people’s lives. People are also experimenting now, and we get zoomed and edited versions of music sung by high school choirs, adult groups, kids and soloists. It is fun and inspiring and addictive

Music Note – 03/15/20

A message from our Music Director: Sometimes a song is all we need to make it through the day or through a night of doubt. This piece by Pepper Choplin reassures us that “We Are Not Alone.” Click here (skip the ad’s) In “You Are Mine”, Lloyd Kaufman reminds us of God’s promise, “Do not