SEARCH – 5/2021

At the May 9, 2021 meeting, some of the congregation had questions regarding the hiring process of FCIP pastor.  We would like to walk the congregation through the hiring process of a pastor with First Church.  All candidates who want to be considered for the part-time pastor position, including living in the parsonage, fill out

Search – 12/01/2019

As you all are aware of Stewardship Sunday was November 24th a letter was sent asking the congregation to consider pledging a little more than they did last year and letting them know that in the last 6 weeks, pledges have decreased by $14,00.00. This equals a 17% drop in pledges. First Church in Pembroke

Search – August 2018

Search team met on August 12th to prepare for the next steps in the search process the following took place. Transition Team reactivated our profile, on August 1st the package is for a settled full-time pastor that will have to live in the parsonage. At our August meeting we also voted unanimously to have Francine