Responsibilities of the CNK Board


The CNK, otherwise known as the Community Nursery Kindergarten, has been an important part of our church community as well as Pembroke and neighboring communities for 60 years and continues to provide a safe, enriching preschool environment for children aged 2.9 – 6.0 years old. A volunteer board of directors consisting of members of First Church, a parent representative, and the school’s director meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. The job of the Board is to hear the report of the school director, oversee the management of the school, make decisions regarding policies of the school, and provide open communication between the school and the church community. The CNK pays monthly rent and utility reimbursement to the church and helps out in various ways as needed to help with the upkeep of the church building and premises. We can always use new members to serve on the Board of Directors. If interested in finding out more about being a part of the Board, please speak with any of the board members; Helen Healey, Gail Sim, Sara Davis, Ruth Ellis,  Ginny Wandell and Helen McElroy.