Our online Palm Sunday Service production is over but you can still view at the Church website firstchurchinpembroke.org or clicking here.

Additionally,  Palms are available!

A small group of masked & gloved congregants met briefly at the parking lot in front of First Church this late afternoon to pack Palms in zip-lock bags. The bundle of palms arrived  two weeks ago and has been isolated in a sealed package in the back of my refrigerator ever since.  Below you see Burt holding some palms and Jane is holding a zip-lock bag filled with a palm frond.

It is not the same as the experience of receiving a palm as you walk out of a Palm Sunday service. However, if you believe having a fresh palm in hand during this Holy week is important then you might drive by the Church on the way to the grocery store or Pharmacy and grab a bag of palms located at the foot of the entrance to the First Church Sanctuary. 

More to follow about Maundy Thursday.

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