Tom’s of Maine & US Felt Co.

This is an update on our favors for St. Patrick’s Day, our collection of Hygiene Kits for Church World Services, and Our Military Baskets.

Because of the cancellation of our wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day dinner our favors did not get to be given out, so it was decided to give them to the Pembroke Firehouse Pantry and the Pembroke Pantry for Easter. All the green ribbon was taken off and replaced with yellow and purple ribbon for either Eastertime or even to give out on May Day. The candies in the favors last quite a long time and they have been keeping safe away from “germs”. When it came time to bring the favors over to the pantries, we found out that the pantries had been temporary closed because of the virus. People who do go to the pantries and need an extra helping hand have been  welcomed  to  visit  other  areas  such  as Marshfield Pantry etc.  We still have our favors and really looking forward to giving them out perhaps in the future June or July?

In reference to our Hygiene kit collection for this year, we will be unable to deliver them to Brockton. We will put them together and save them for our donation next year. The postage money will be kept in the Missions account for the purpose of postage next year. If anyone would like their money refunded, please let us know. Church World Services are using all the past blankets and hygiene kits donations during this pandemic. If for any reason our Pembroke community needs them, we will be there to help. Our church is blessed with a congregation that is kind, loving and considerate people and we will send our hygiene kits with God’s Blessings to people in need.

It is now time for our Morris Scholarship. If you know of anyone who qualifies for this Scholarship, please e-mail our church secretary, Kristen at: We will send out a letter to you and an application to apply for the Morris Scholarship. Thank you.

It is Mother’s Day/Blanket Sunday on May 10. We feel that perhaps we will not be able to open church at this time, but we would like to look forward to June Father’s Day/Tool Sunday. At that time, we will have Mother’s Day/Blanket Sunday and Father’s Day /Tool Sunday together.

We  are  all part  of  the  team  of  Church  World Services helping during this epidemic.

May is a busy month and we have Memorial Day. On Memorial Day we support The Pembroke Military Support Group. Our Military Basket is going to be filled this year with personal care products from the Tom’s of Maine Charitable  giving  program kindly procured by the US Felt Company. Plus,  we  donate $100 from Missions. Tons of thanks to Vin Boragine. Thank you – thank you – thank you. Praise God and Blessings to Vin & US Felt

Other donations given by  Missions on behalf of the First Church in Pembroke congregation: – MACUCC $100, Pembroke Firehouse Pantry $100, Pembroke Food Pantry $100.

Freda Burke – Missions Chairperson / Mary Ford – Treasurer / Judy Graham & Elaine Spalding

Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Jesus shares your worries and cares. You’ll never be left alone, For He stands beside you to comfort and guide you, He always looks out for His own – Brandt. Taken from Our Daily Bread June-July 2002

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