The trustees met on November 29, 2019, with the following reported:
Alan C. updated the trustees on the church finances nothing new to report. After 20 years Alan will be retiring on December 31, 2019, as First Church in Pembroke’s treasure, we all want to say thank you, Alan, for all that you have done for us enjoy your retirement.
Pending approval of the Diaconate, Pastor Meade will be extending his time with us. He will be working with Kristen to streamline the process. Pastor Meade also mentioned there are 35 open pastor positions in New England at this time.
Trustee’s & Pastor Meade had a discussion about the governing body of First Church in Pembroke there seems to be some confusion regarding that. Trustees and Pastor Meade concluded that the Council is the governing body of First Church in Pembroke.
QuickBooks is about 2/3 finished Burt will meet with Alan, the outgoing treasurer, to transfer the remaining files to First Church in Pembroke.
CNK issues were discussed and are being completed.
Parsonage work is slowly being completed will update more next time.
Church projects: ceiling painting, updating keys, CPC deed restriction, church sign, snow plowing, ongoing.
Event Committee reported income of $3191.81 from the Holiday Fair. Thank you all who help make the Faire a great success.
Trustees are looking at increasing pancake breakfast by $1.00 this will be decided next month if prices increase this will take effect January 2020.
Budget to remain the same as last year, pending the outcome of pledge for 2020. Trustees will review all costs associated with running the church to see where we can save some money.
Consideration of replacing the fire alarm system to be discussed.
The full minutes are available in the church office Trustees to meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month. With the holidays December’s scheduled has changed we will be meeting Tuesday, December 10th at 7:30pm.