Faith, Freedom & Fellowship

“When we come together we bring something into the world that God intends, and that God intended for us.”

Today at their annual (virtual online) meeting, the First Church In Pembroke, as well as three other churches in the New England area, were voted in and installed as  new members of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC).  The Association is a membership organization dedicated to empowering Congregational Churches through fellowship, resources, and education. They have been helping us find a new minister and they pledge to strengthening our faith community.  The NACCC stands ready to continue their support while also allowing us autonomy. As a Congregational organization it believes that each church is a community gathered by God with Christ as its head. 

The Spirit of God calls us together in fellowship and now equips us to do God’s work.  As an NACCC congregation we believe that when we come together we bring something into our world that God intends and that God intends for us.

Thanks to all who worked to make this new day for the church possible.  As was mentioned in today’s meeting there is no “they” in our church as in “they should do this or that” there is only “we”.  As in “we should do this or that”.

Pictured above is Rev. Dr. Ashley Cook Cleere the new Executive Director of the NACCC.  Jay Hodge, Pictured with wife Jane in the top left block, stood-in as the representative from First Church during the live presentation that included nearly 200 other independent Association churches.