Dear Friends at First Church,

In the past two weeks the Trustees have been dealing with an critical situation involving the Fellowship roof. While we were enduring water restrictions and drought conditions this summer none of us gave a thought to the state of the roof over Fellowship Hall and the kitchen. Now that the rain has returned we find that the roof is in dire need of replacement.

There are multiple leaks occurring throughout the kitchen and Hall. Some of these leaks are new and some are clearly from previously patched repairs (does anyone remember the tree limb that broke through the roof?). The Trustees have had two roofing companies give estimates for replacement of the shingles, which are over thirty years old, on all the roof except that over the Sanctuary.

John Bean Roofing gave job estimates for two quality level of shingles: LANDMARK AR and LANDMARK PRO. Any replacement of rotten subsurface plywood would be extra per installed plywood panel.

Associate Roofing (recommended by a congregant who has used them before) gave an estimate for GAF Timberline shingles. Subsurface rot replacement however is more expensive per panel than John Bean. While this estimator was measuring the roof he patched several places, gratis, where he could see leaks occurring but since then leaks in different places are happening.

Both of these Roofers use shingles having a layered look which gives the appearance of traditional cedar shake roofing and are often called “architectural” tiles. Both are made of similar material and have a similar guarantee. The Bean Roofing product is thicker (more 3D looking) while the Associate Roofing installation comes with a better wind warranty.

Considering the Guarantees and the lower quote, Associate Roofing appears to be a better choice.

Currently volunteers (the Palmers & CNK) are periodically emptying strategically placed buckets on the Fellowship Floor. We need to complete the roof repair as soon as possible to prevent more damage inside the building.

I consider this an “emergency” situation as defined in our bylaws, meaning not needing a Congregational meeting and approval. But, in an effort to be as informative as possible, I am asking all Church members to respond by email or by calling the office with a yes or no vote in favor of contracting with Associate Roofing. The Trustees will answer any questions you may have after Church this Sunday.

On behalf of the Trustees, I truly appreciate your prompt response so that we can get on the schedule of the roofing company on Monday. I also pray for minimal or no damage to the roof subsurface.

Blessings to you and to our church,

P.S. The actual Quotes will be posted in Fellowship Hall for all to view.